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Etta Bendavid, MAEd., BCC, SCP-C

Since 2013, I have been providing spiritual care and grief support for patients and clients from all faiths and backgrounds. I offer individual counseling as well as family and group facilitation. I have worked in a variety of care facilities as a core member of interdisciplinary care teams. In New York I enabled hundreds of patients and staff to find meaning, comfort, resilience and reconciliation in the following locations as a chaplain/spiritual care counselor: MJHS Hospice and Palliative Care (In-Patient and In-Home Hospice Care for adults and children), NYU Lutheran Hospital (Emergency, Stroke and Psychiatric units), and Veterans Affairs’ Hospital (Intensive Care Units and Palliative Care). Since moving to Israel in 2017, I worked in Rambam Hospital in Haifa and Herzliah’s Beit Protea (nursing facility). I also have a wide-range of experience serving as a pastoral counselor in congregational and communal settings both in the US and Israel. 

I trained with the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education and became a board-certified chaplain (BCC) in 2016 with Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains. Since qualifying in Israel, I am also a Certified Spiritual Care Provider (SCP-C), “Melava Ruchanit,” through Israel’s Association for Livui Ruchani. 

I have a dual Master’s Degree in Midrash/Theological Texts and Jewish Education. I am also a trained vocalist with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater. Most recently, I certified as a Halachic Counselor for life-cycle events, Jewish marriage, mikvah and intimacy. I draw upon these resources in my work.