Spiritual & Emotional
Support During Difficult Times

Do you have a family member or a friend who needs some support and you don't know how to help them?

Give a gift of comfort & healing to a loved one.

Welcome! I am so glad you found me here!

As a Spiritual Care Counselor, board-certified in the United States and Israel, I am professionally qualified to be present for you – to guide and support you – through the joys, struggles and losses that life brings.

The focus of spiritual care is on healing, even when physical recovery is not possible. I am inspired to do this work because I see times of loss and transition, including end-of-life, as holding great opportunities for healing, reconciliation and spiritual growth. I also believe that holistic healing comes about when we draw upon our spiritual resources to address some of life’s toughest existential moments. We cannot separate the emotional and mental aspects of our being from the spiritual.

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What others are Saying

“Etta, you have been such a beautiful light for me during this time of transition and change. I am comforted by your words and your ear that you so generously shared with me”


“With her beautiful singing voice and deep sense of compassion and understanding, Etta Bendavid was like the unexpected angel that appeared and helped me and my two sisters deal with the death of our mother. She created an atmosphere of trust and healing that enabled the three of us to bond together during a very sad and challenging time.”

Ann Matthews

“Well Etta, what can I say ? I want to thank you for who you are, you’re a wonderful, attentive & empathetic person. I believe I would’ve never made it through this most difficult process without you”


By a mother whose daughter was a patient in pediatric hospice care.

Being present with you through life's joys and sorrows

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Individual Spiritual Care and Counseling

I will help you to connect to your spiritual resources and provide emotional and mental-health support while you and/or your loved ones are dealing with physical and/or mental illness, trauma, loss and grief. Loss can include losing one’s job, getting divorced, post-partum, experiencing a miscarriage, moving homes, losing a loved one, dealing with phsyical and mental illness, and even growing older and becoming dependent.

Family Facilitation

When someone gets ill or there is anticipatory loss or bereavement, families need support to make hard choices and learn how to address their crisis together. I work with families to facilitate having these tough conversations that we often avoid. Together in consultation with the medical team, I can facilitate creating a plan of care that balances the dignity of your loved one and their medical needs.

Group Facilitation

I also provide pastoral support and training workshops for Health Care Providers, including doctors, nurses, social workers and caregivers. The goals of these workshops are to give tools to caregivers to identify signs of spiritual distress in their patients and themselves and strengthen their own coping strategies and spiritual resources.